EMG Workshop 2019

26 November 2021


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9.00am – 1.00pm (AEST)


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The Economic Measurement Initiative of the Centre for Applied Economic Research is hosting its 18th annual international workshop, supported by the UNSW Business School, the School of Economics and the Australian Research Council.

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  • Topics covered:

    • Scanner Data in the CPI: The Imputation CCDI Index Revisited
    • Decomposition of Multilateral Price Indexes into the Contributions of Individual Commodities
    • Quality Adjustment and Hedonics: An Attempt at a Unified Approach
    • City-Based Measures of Underlying Inflation
    • Productivity Measurement, R&D Assets and Mark-ups in OECD Countries
    • Industry Level Value Added and Productivity Decompositions
    • State Level Value Added and Productivity Decompositions
    • Divisia and Frisch are Friends
    • Does External Monitoring Improve the Performance of State-Owned Enterprises?
    • The Financial Lifecycle of Businesses
    • Firming-Up Productivity in Australia
    • Holding Productivity Accountable: The role of business dynamics in productivity growth
    • MFP Estimation Using Australian Firm-Level Data
    • Impact of Innovation on Business Performance and Productivity Dispersion: The Case of Small Food Industry Businesses in Australia
    • Hedonic Estimation of Australian Farmland Values
    • A Comparative Study of Australian Agricultural Household Financial Positions: Are agricultural households disadvantaged?”
    • India’s Groundwater Crisis:  When Science meets Policy

Event details

Thursday 5 December: 8.30 – 5.00pm
Friday 6 December: 8.30 – 5.00pm


Michael Hintze Theatre LG03
Tyree Energy Technologies Building (Map ref: H6)
UNSW Main Campus

  • Rebecca Riley (UK Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence)
  • Gabriela Araujo (RBA)
  • Kevin Fox (UNSW)
  • Jonathan Hambur (Australian Treasury)
  • Shipei Zeng (UNSW)
  • Robert Tiong (UNSW)
  • Nalini Agarwal (UNSW)
  • Anthony Brassil (RBA)
  • Shengyu Li (UNSW)
  • Paul Schreyer (OECD)
  • Jan de Haan (Statistics Netherlands)
  • Andrew Glassock (ABS)
  • Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia and UNSW)
  • Khanh Hoang (ANU and ABS)
  • Will Chancellor (ABARES)
  • Paul Wyrwoll (ANU)
  • Carl Obst (Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting)


Papers and presentations

Rebecca Riley (UK Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence)
“Distressed Banks, Distorted Decisions?”

Kevin Fox (UNSW)
“MFP Measurement Using BLADE: Insights, Challenges and Future Directions”

Shipei Zeng (UNSW)
“Frontier Firms, Inefficiency and Productivity Dynamics”

Robert Tiong (UNSW)
“Competition’s Effect on Productivity: Treatment or Selection? Evidence from BLADE”

Nalini Agarwal (UNSW)
“Declining Labour Shares and Rising Mark-ups: An empirical analysis of Australian firms”

Paul Schreyer (OECD)
Accounting for Free Digital Services and Household Production - An application to Facebook

  • Jan de Haan (Statistics Netherlands and Delft University of Technology)
    “Pondering over the CES Price Index"

    Andrew Glassock (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
    “Experimental Clothing Price Indexes using Australian Web Scraped Data”

    Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia and UNSW)
    “Residential Property Price Indexes: Spatial Coordinates versus Neighbourhood Dummy Variables”

    Khanh Hoang (Australian Bureau of Statistics and ANU)
    “Environmental Attributes and the Value of Agricultural Land: An hedonic analysis using a unique Australian data set, 1975-2018”

    Will Chancellor (ABARES)
    “Climate Adjusted Total Factor Productivity for Australian Broadacre Farms: 1989 to 2018”

    Paul Wyrwoll (ANU)
    “Integrating the Value of Reservoir Storage into Water Tariff Design: Application to multipurpose hydropower regulation”

    Carl Obst (Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting)
    “A Framework for the Valuation of Ecosystem Assets”