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13th February 2020


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8.30am – 2.30pm


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Michael Hintze Theatre LG03



The Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) is an ABS microdata product that combines tax data from businesses with information from ABS surveys and other government sources to provide a comprehensive research base on Australian businesses and the economy.

The 2020 BLADE EXPO was opened by Dr David Gruen, the Australian Statistician.

The Expo was held at UNSW (Sydney) and facilitated by Prof. Kevin Fox, Director Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER), UNSW Business School. The Expo introduced BLADE to new users, detailing what it is and how it is created; and showcased a number of research projects undertaken by experienced BLADE users across government and academia. BLADE researchers study business performance over time; and the factors that drive innovation, job creation, competitiveness and productivity.

Access to BLADE is now easier

BLADE microdata is available via the ABS DataLab for academics and researchers from public policy institutes.

The DataLab is an online environment, providing researchers access BLADE data from wherever they are.

BLADE at a Glance

BLADE contains longitudinal data of Australian businesses. It includes Information on businesses from 2001-02 to 2016-17, including: Tax Data, ABS Business Survey Data on Business Characteristics, Research and Development and Innovation, Intellectual Property Longitudinal Research Data from IP Australia and Merchandise Imports and Exports.


Event details

Segments Speaker
Welcome and Introduction

Dr David Gruen

(ABS Australian Statistician)

Introduction to BLADE

  • What is BLADE?
  • How is it put together?
  • What information is available in BLADE?
  • How is BLADE accessed?

Alan Herning

(ABS Director BLADE)

The Working Dead: Zombie Firms in Australia

Gabriela Araujo

(Reserve Bank of Australia)

Financial constraint, Employment and Innovation: Evidence from Australian Businesses

Prof Robert Breunig and Jacquelyn Zhang

(Australian National University)

SA-BLADE Pilot Project: Integration and analysis with sub-national micro-data

Emmanuel Santos

(SA Department of Premier and Cabinet)

Panel discussion

Chair: Prof Kevin Fox

Panel Members:

  • Jonathan Hambur (The Treasury)
  • Nalini Agarwal (UNSW)
  • Ian Moran (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science)