The 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, UNSW Sydney, 6-9 December 2022

6 - 9th December


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UNSW Kensington Campus


The 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society takes place on Tuesday-Friday, December 6-9, 2022 at UNSW's Kensington Campus. There will be an associated Early Career Workshop taking place on Monday, December 5.

Congratulations to 2022 AustMS awards winners!

2022 AustMS Medal

Guoyin Li

2022 George Szekeres Medal

Igor Shparlinski

2022 Gavin Brown Prize

Mark Holmes and Edwin Perkins
On the range of lattice models in high dimensions
Probability Theory and Related Fields 176, no.3 (2020): 941-1009

2022 Mahony-Neumann -Room Prize

Satish K. Pandey and Vern I. Paulsen
A spectral characterization of AN operators
J. Aust. Math. Soc. 102 (2017), no. 3, 369–391.

Registration Fees

The conference dinner will be held on Thursday, December 8, and participation is included in the registration fee (except dinner is not included for single day registration) - please indicate whether you will attend when registering. Sign-ups for the conference dinner have now closed. 

  • AustMS Member Early Bird ($530 after Oct 30) : $450
  • Non AustMS Member Early Bird ($620 after Oct 30):  $540
  • Student AustMS Member Early Bird ($275 after Oct 30): $225
  • AustMS Retired Member Early Bird ($275 after Oct 30): $225
  • AustMS Member (Late): $530
  • Non AustMS Member (Late): $620
  • Student AustMS Member (Late): $275
  • AustMS Retired Member (Late): $275
  • AustMS Single Day (does not include dinner): $180
  • Plenary Speaker: $0
  • Education Afternoon: $0

We are aware of multiple e-mail scams regarding hotel booking targeting conference participants. Please be careful and do not respond to solicitations from unknown parties. The organizers will never ask you for personal information or payment except through the official registration portal linked from the conference webpage.

Financial Support

Student Support Scheme

AustMS offer a student support scheme to the participants. The application deadline is 14 October.

Please note the following financial support opportunities offered by the Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group (WIMSIG) and AustMS. The application deadline is 31 October 2022.

AustMS WIMSIG Cheryl E. Praeger Travel Awards

These awards are designed to provide full or partial support for women, trans and gender diverse mathematicians based in Australia to attend conferences or to visit collaborators, with approximately eight domestic Travel Awards and four international Travel Awards awarded annually.

AustMS WIMSIG Anne Penfold Street Awards

These awards provide additional financial support to Australian mathematicians for their caring responsibilities, while they travel for conferences or research visits to collaborators, with approximately four Awards awarded annually. The potential uses of these Awards include, but are not limited to, short-term childcare or professional carers for elderly relatives.

We thank our sponsors, the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW Sydney, the Australian Mathematical Society, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS), and the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer (OCSE) for making this conference possible through their generous financial support.

Program Advisory Board 

  • Maria Athanassenas (DST)
  • Regina Burachik (South Australia)
  • Michael Coons (Bielefeld - Germany)
  • Ivan Corwin (Columbia - USA)
  • Vlad Ejov (Flinders)
  • Cecilia Gonzalez-Tokman (Queensland)
  • Pinhas Grossman (UNSW)
  • Roozbeh Hazrat (WSU)
  • Matthew Kennedy (Waterloo - Canada)
  • Joan Licata (ANU)
  • Jessica Purcell (Monash)
  • David Ridout (Melbourne)
  • Joshua Ross (Adelaide)
  • Aidan Sims (Wollongong)
  • Fedor Sukochev (UNSW)
  • Natalie Thamwattana (Newcastle)
  • Anne Thomas (Sydney)
  • Dominic Verity (Macquarie)


Committee: Pinhas Grossman (Chair), Arnaud Brothier, Quoc Thong LeGia, Vera Roshchina,  Mircea Voineagu.

Event planning and support: Jo Bosben, Susannah Waters, Jing Xie, Beatta Zarrabi.

Registration System: John Banks

Plenary Speakers

  • Martin Bridson (University of Oxford) Finite shadows of infinite groups and the geometry of 3-dimensional manifolds
  • Frank Calegari (University of Chicago) [Mahler Lecture] Number Theory and the Langlands Program
  • Serena Dipierro (UWA) [Hanna Neumann Lecture] An expedition into the realm of nonlocal minimal surfaces
  • Michael Donovan (La Trobe University) and Judy-anne Osborn (Monash University) [Dr Yunupingu Lecturers] A Journey on the Maths Trail, eluding the Bunyip
  • Nigel Higson (Penn State) Hypoelliptic equations and geometry
  • Mark McGuinness (Victoria University of Wellington) [ANZIAM Lecturer] The bauxite is in the microwave - where industry meets mathematics
  • Lewis Mitchell (University of Adelaide) Data science and mathematical modelling
  • Lisa Piccirillo (MIT) Exotic phenomena in 4-dimensional topology
  • Makiko Sasada (University of Tokyo) Yang-Baxter maps and independence preserving property
  • Anne Schilling (UC Davis) [ANZAMP Lecturer]  The mystery of plethysm coefficients


Public Lecture

There will be a public lecture on Wednesday, December 7 at 6:00pm in Central Lecture Block 7. This is open to all, and registration is not necessary.

Knots, curved universes, and hard problems 

If you ask “how many...”, the answer should be a number. If you ask “what sort of symmetry...” the answer should be a group. Groups are the mathematical objects that describe symmetry wherever it is found, and often provide a bridge to pass from one context to another. In this talk, they will appear as we pass from the problem of deciding when two knotted pieces of string are the same to the problem of listing all finite-volume models of space and space-time. Along the way, we will consider what it means for a problem to be “hard” or even “unsolvable”, as we roam through flat earths and curved universes.

Charles Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll) used the word “knot” to describe any tricky puzzle. He would appreciate this landmark in our discussion: If a knot is not the not-knot, then the group of the knot is not the not-knot group. This was once a theorem of Max Dehn, now it is not; nevertheless it is true. 

About the speaker

Martin Bridson comes from the Isle of Man and is the Whitehead Professor of Pure Mathematics at Oxford, the President of the Clay Mathematics Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Society. His research concerns the interactions of symmetry, geometry, topology and decidability. He is a recipient of the 2020 Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition from the American Mathematical Society.

Special Sessions

Please click on the session title for a list of abstracts and times.


  • Abstract submission deadline: November 14, 2022
  • Abstract editing deadline: November 21, 2022

If you do not see a suitable session for your talk, please choose the closest available session, or submit the abstract without choosing a session and we will try to match you with a session.

Early-Career Workshop

The 2022 Australian Mathematical Society Early-Career Workshop will be held at UNSW, preceding the 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society. It will run on Monday 5th December.

The AustMS ECW 2022 aims to provide early-career mathematicians with the chance to discuss career pathways, get advice from experienced mathematicians, and network with other early-career academics. It is recommended for current higher-degree research students and ECRs up to five years post-PhD.

Registration for ECW2022 will be free for all registered participants of the Annual Meeting who are PhD students or ECRs at an Australian university or institute. If you wish to attend, please cross the ECW check box on the AustMS 2022 registration form.


  • Hoa Bui, Curtin University
  • Serena Dipierro, University of Western Australia
  • Rod Gover, University of  Auckland
  • Nalini Joshi, University of Sydney
  • Daniel Mansfield, University of New South Wales
  • Lisa Piccirillo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Valentina Wheeler, Sophie Raynor; local liaisons: Pinhas Grossman and Vera Roschina.

Click the button below to download the ECR workshop booklet.

Education Afternoon

The Education Afternoon brings together high school mathematics teachers and academics for an afternoon of practical and thought-provoking discussions in mathematics education.  This year… 

  • there will be a panel of first year undergraduate students and this year's UNSW Visiting Teaching Fellow, Karen Man, to answer any questions you have about what happens to your students after they leave your classroom at the end of Year 12
  • there will be a session dedicated to investigative tasks where you can share your ideas, hear what others are doing and connect with other teachers and academics to develop something new; 
  • there will be workshops by Dr Merryn Horrocks (WSU) titled, “Developing Mental Models of mathematics” and Dr Laura Tuohilampi (UNSW) titled, “This is a fun task, why do my students switch off?”.

Both in-person and remote participation will be possible, so we hope to welcome regional teachers to the event! 

The Education Afternoon will take place on Wednesday, Dec 7, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm in the Mathews Building, Room 101 (see campus map below)Participation in the Education Afternoon is free; if you are not already registered for the conference, please register using the registration link above (select "Education Afternoon" as the fee category).

Organisers: Laure Helme-Guizon, Jonathan Kress, Karen Man

For more information, visit the Education Afternoon page by clicking the button below.

Neumann Prize Exhibition

To celebrate the return of the AustMS to UNSW and our first fully in-person AustMS conference in 3 years, we would like to present the “Neumann Talk Exhibition” inspired by the mathematical podcast, "The Neumann Talk". The Neumann Prize, named in honour of Bernhard H. Neumann, is awarded every year to the best student talk at the AustMS conference, with the first one being presented in 1985 at the conference hosted by UNSW. The aim of this exhibit is to capture the importance of "good" mathematical communication and embrace the growth of the mathematical community through gatherings such as the AustMS conference. The exhibit shares some interesting stories surrounding some of the great mathematics communication that has been delivered at the AustMS meetings over the past years.

Committee: Abi Srikumar (UNSW Sydney) (Chair), Anant Mathur (UNSW Sydney), Bethany Caldwell (University of South Australia), Christian Bagshaw (UNSW Sydney), Daniel Johnston (UNSW Canberra), Grace Garden (University of Sydney), Jack Neubecker (University of Queensland), Yudhi Bunjamin  (UNSW Sydney) (Podcast Liaison)

Social Events

(Please note that signups for the WIMSIG and conference dinners and the LGBTIQ+ and Allies lunch have now closed).

  • WIMSIG (Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group) dinner at The Lounge on Monday, December 5 starting at 6:30pm. 
  • Welcome reception with drinks and canapes in the CLB foyer on Tuesday, December 6 at 6:00pm. 
  • LGBTIQ+ and Allies lunch on Wednesday, December 7 at 12:00pm. 
  • Conference dinner at the Fullerton Hotel in the CBD on Thursday, December 8 starting at 7:00pm. 
  • Daily morning and afternoon tea in CLB foyer.


  • The WIMSIG Business Meeting will be held in RC-4082 on the 4th floor of the Red Centre, UNSW, from 5:30 - 6:30pm on Monday 5 December. In this meeting, the WIMSIG Executive will report on their activities during the past year. All AustMS attendees are welcome. A Zoom link will be emailed to the WIMSIG mailing list a few days before the meeting for those who cannot attend in person.  The Red Centre is at H15 on the UNSW Sydney campus map
  • The AustMS Student Members Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 7 from 5:00-6:00pm in CLB 1.
  • The Annual General Meeting of AustMS will be held on Thursday, December 8 from 4:00-5:00pm in CLB 7, and on zoom.


Click the button below to download a one page skeleton program.

Click to download a short program, including a campus map with conference locations highlighted.

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The conference will take place on UNSW Sydney's main campus in Kensington, in the Central Lecture Block (CLB) building and classrooms in the nearby Morven Brown and John Goodsell buildings. 

The conference dinner will be held at the Fullerton Hotel, located at 1 Martin St in Sydney's CBD.

UNSW Sydney 

The conference is hosted by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney). The UNSW main campus is located in Sydney's eastern suburb Kensington, close to Sydney airport and Coogee beach. A map (pdf) is provided for your convenience. The Central Lecture Block is at E19 on the campus map.The School of Mathematics and Statistics is located in the East Wing of the Red Centre (H13 on the campus map) of UNSW Sydney. 

Internet Access

Eduroam is available on campus, and there is also guest wifi access.

Accommodation is a good platform to access good rates. You can enter "Randwick, Sydney" under destination.

Places to eat

There are many places for lunch on and near campus. A few options are

  • Tropical Green (Vietnamese)  - Pavilions building
  • Laksa Delight - Mathews Arcade
  • 22 grams (cafe) - High Street
  • Yallah Eat (kebab and shawarma)  - University Terraces
  • Penny Lane (cafe) - Morven Brown building
  • Coffee on Campus (cafe) - Ainsworth building
  • Manpuku (ramen) - Anzac Parade

Public transport information

Sydney has an extensive public transport network involving trains, buses and ferries, see Transport NSW for full details. You will need an Opal card or an Opal single trip ticket. You can use your credit cards for public transport as well.

Opal cards can be obtained and topped up at outlets such as news agencies and convenience stores. Opal card fares are automatically calculated and deducted from your card based on where you tap on to where you tap off. You can purchase an Opal single bus ticket from the driver on board, with the exception that some bus routes are PrePay (cashless) at all times while some bus stops are PrePay at certain times of the day.

Light rail

There are two light rails lines going between the CBD/Central Station and UNSW Sydney. Line L2 to Randwick stops within about a 5 minute walk of the conference venue (UNSW High Street station). Line L3 to Juniors Kingsford stops near University Mall (UNSW Anzac Parade station, which is about a 10 minute walk to the conference venue). The Fullerton Hotel, where the conference dinner will be held, is located near Wynyard station.

Visa information

All non-Australian citizens travelling to Australia require a visa. If you have a valid New Zealand passport, you can travel to Australia and you will be issued with a Special Category Visa (SCV) on arrival.

See the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for details on visitor visa options and visitor visa processsing times. In particular, citizens from some eligible countries can apply online for an eVisitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

Tourism information

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